Monday, March 31, 2014


Today one outfit more on the sporty side. I love jumpsuits, they are just so comfy and the easiest thing to wear when you don't have much time. I paired this black one with these amazing leopard printed flats and a white shirt underneath because this one is way too much open. I'm a musician and I got to have my violin key earrings! It's a great outfit for spring days like this when is not that hot to wear shorts but still not cold. I hope you have a nice week and I will see you soon. Xo, Anja

Danas jedan malo više sportski outfit. Obožavam kombinezone, jednostavno su tako udobni i najjednostavniji za oblačenje kada nemate puno vremena posto iz jednog dela dobijete ceo outfit! Sa ovim crnim sam obula leopard espadrile i belu majicu ispod zato što je prilično izrezan. Naravno moram da imam moje mindjuše sa violinskim ključem od kojih užasno bole uši posto su preteške, ali isplati se! Ovu kombinaciju volim za ovakve dane kao danas kada nije baš toplo toliko da se može obući šorc,ali opet nije ni hladno. Želim vam lep ostatak ove nedelje i vidimo se uskoro, pozdrav! 

Jumpsuit from Happening 
Shoes from H&M
Shirt from Pull&Bear 
Earrings from Six 


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    Very nice look, great idea to style the jumpsuit with trainers!!

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