Saturday, May 3, 2014


I love this combination of colors soo much! I bought this shirt in h&m a while ago and I didn't know with what to put it together, so this pair of yellow pants popped into my head, and with high heels I just think it looks super chic! The weather is terrible, again, and it seems like it's autumn not spring, even though next month is june. I can't wait for the summer to come. Hot weather, sun shining and all the bright colors! Now, we can just watch the rain on the streets and hope that summer happens soon! Love you guys, Anja.

Obožavam ovu kombinaciju boja! Kupila sam ovu crnu bluzu pre par meseci u h&m-u i nisam znala sa čime da je uparim, pa su mi na pamet pale ove žute pantalone. Sa visokim štiklama mislim da izgleda jako šik i prikladno za mnoge dogadjaje. Vreme je užasno, opet, i izgleda kao da je jesen, a ne proleće, iako je sledeći mesec jun. Ne mogu da dočekam leto, toplo vreme, sunce i sve te jarke boje! Za sada, možemo  samo da gledamo kako kiša pada i da se nadamo da nam leto stiže uskoro. Nadam se da vam se svideo današnji post, Anja :)


 Pants from Terranova
Shirt from H&M
Heels - non branded
Clutch from RepubliC


  1. this is so pretty! I love the bright pants for spring! i'm your new follower, happy blogging!! xo

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog, this outfit look lovely, but i think your pant is lime color not yellow. you might check it out.

    1. The camera is not picking the color very well, in person pants are neon yellow :)

  3. Amazing pants :) You look beautiful :)